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Turn Up Evevery Body Fitness Joplin Missouri


@ 6:30 PM

“I don't just want 5 exercises to sculpt my ass. I wanna sculpt my mind into being more open, my soul into feeling this moment, my heart into seeing the beauty in who I AM, and my fear into courage to live out LOUD.

The Turn Up Squad isn't JUST a workout program. It's a rapidly growing women's movement where we PUSH LIMITS and BARRIERS that we have set for ourselves. We come together as women and empower one another to be multifaceted, to make ourselves a priority, and to stop playing small and to live the lives we desire.”


TURN UP is a high intensity dance workout to current, edgy hits (with modification options, of course), but it is so much more than that! It is also a mindset. It’s about living unapologetically and being the best version of you, for you. This is a judgement-free zone and we are just there to dance, let loose, and let out all of life’s craziness!