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Advanced Class:
@ 10:00am

Do you ever find yourself thinking about "the good ol' days?"

Maybe exercise feels like something that is out of reach following an old injury, a new diagnosis, or maybe just the passing of time. If you are looking to stay active, but just can't handle the high impact and intensity of regular cardio classes, then Zumba Gold is designed for you!🙌

Taught by a licensed professional, this class focuses on strength, balance, and functional movement to improve your quality of life.💃 Zumba Gold brings you the fun of Zumba without the spinning, twisting, or jumping.

Every BODY Fitness is now offering Zumba Gold in the mornings AND evenings, and all classes are social distanced with your health in mind.😷

Classes are only $5 at the door with absolutely no membership or pre-registration required. Join us today!!